Mirror My Hopes, Cover My Fears

Mirror My Hopes, Cover My Fears

16 minutes
Stereo audio

Inspired by the Tibetan Wheel of Life’s Nidanas and Levinas’ theory of The Other, this project deals with questions of existence, co-dependence, and our responsibility for the Other and future generations to come.

In contrast to the main human figure, their companion has metallic, reflective skin thus representing the Other. Is the companion artificial, designed only for this role, just as the Bible states Eve was made for and out of Adam? This ancient tale could also reflect an archaic truth, that we Or is the Other purer and impenetrable? The eight chapters delve deep into such relations, tensions and intimacy. Rendered by 3D software, the video consists of a virtual camera meditatively panning around sculpturally static figures, who are reminiscent of ancient sculptures. The soundscape forms a dynamic atmosphere, combining natural phenomena with otherworldly notes.

Screenshots from Mirror My Hopes, Cover My Fears

– 2024: Sanga Ni Wati – K11 Labor, Budapest, Hungary
– 2023: Sanga Ni Wati – Skurc Group, Budapest, Hungary
– 2023: Le Moment Dansa – Imago Festival, City Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia