Le Moment Dansa

Le Moment Dansa is an international, interdisciplinary collaboration between visual artists, composers and musicians resulting in a series of concerts and exhibitions.

All photos were taken by Domen Pal, commissioned by Imago Sloveniae.

The premier at City Museum Ljubjlana

Based on the complex colour theory and philosophy of Bram d’Hont’s painting Le Moment Dansa the eight composers wrote eight pieces for each symbolic colour in the painting. To accompany their pieces, I made eight short video pieces (Mirror My Hopes, Cover My Fears) inspired by each concept, that were screened before each composition was played and to which each composer improvised music. I also made a sight-specific installation (Ties) consisting of a two-sized digitally printed banner made specially for the City Museum in Ljubljana.

The composers

Project director: Valeria Kučan (SI)
Composers: Milica Vujadinović (ME), Tom Varl (SI), Shiri Riseman (IL), Federica Lo Pinto (IT), Samo Vidic (SI), Klara Mlakar (SI), Soyeon Beat Park (KR), Luka Krof (SI)
Musicians: Valeria Kučan (SI), Jovanka Joka (SI), Lan Meden (SI), Anja Kučan (SI)
Visual artists: Bram d’Hont (NL) and Martha Kicsiny (HU/UK)
Premier: 16th August 2023 – City Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia
In collaboration with Imago Festival.

The concert in August 2023
Mirror My Hopes, Cover My Fears
Martha Kicsiny VJing
Anja and Valeria Kučan
The event was part of the Imago Festival
“Ties” installation on view on the right