Let It Stay Among Us (Exhibition)

The exhibition was organised in memory of László László Révész, my tutor during the five years of the Painting Course at HUFA. For this occasion, I finally created the original installation form of my project Operative Gaze, as I had planned my diploma exhibition under his mentorship.

The project presents the workspace of a fictive secret agent, inspired by the secret police system of the Soviet Era. It consists of three video channels shown on decades old monitors. One is of CCTV camera footage of the target, one of video bug footage and the third monitor shows a document as the agent types their report of the surveillance. The monitors and the furniture were found at Budapest’s Art University. Although the monitors date back from after the political change, the furniture was most definitely made and used at the university in times when there truly were secret agents in the university among the students and the teachers writing reports of their fellows.

Let It Stay Among us – Snippets of László László Révész’s Art Education Activity
Group exhibition
Hungarian University of Fine Art, Budapest, Hungary
2022. 10. 08. – 12. 17.
Curated by Julia Salamon, Márta Czene, Adrienn Dorsánszki, Attila Szabó

Maradjon köztünk – Szemelvények Révész László László művészetpedagógiai tevékenységéből
Csoportos kiállítás
Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem, Budapest, Magyarország
2022. 10. 08. – 12. 17.
Kurátorok: Salamon Julia, Czene Márta, Dorsánszki Adrienn, Szabó Attila

Photo by Julianna Nyíri